Majigs - the missing pieces of the web
Frequently Asked Questions

What are Majigs?

Majigs are small pieces of web software that utilize the best in web technology to be compact, easy to use, and highly useful.

What does the name mean?

The name is short for thingamajigs. We could have called them widgets, or scriptlets, or something like that. We chose to use 'Majigs' since this new word will only apply to web software of the highest quality.

How do I use one?

Go back to the home page, and select the Majig you'd like to use. You'll need a user name and password (you can use the same one for every Majig) and that's all. We don't ask for your email, your name, or anything.

I have an idea for a new feature. Where do I send it?

Please send feature requests to We look forward to your input and will do our best to incorporate it into our software.